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Connection Between Coronavirus Disease And Joint Swelling

Joint Pain And Swelling
Joint Pain And Swelling

Many different coronavirus disease symptoms are reported, and those keep growing when experts learn further information regarding the disease. Viral infections are likely to contribute to joint swelling, but the swelling is no common symptom in coronavirus patients. Anyhow, people may have joint pain and swelling from viral arthritis. More and more reports of COVID-19-related reactive arthritis are coming out.

Arthritis patients may have more chances of experiencing infections as well. That increases their risk of experiencing serious symptoms and more complications of coronavirus disease.

Some individuals may mistake joint swelling for joint pain, and arthritis for arthralgia. Muscle and joint pain are likely to be a coronavirus disease symptom, but it usually does not occur together with joint inflammation and swelling, which is typical of arthritis. Here, we will talk about the likely connections between coronavirus disease and swelling.

Is The Swelling Or Pain A Coronavirus Disease Symptom?

Coronavirus disease is a condition that affects our respiration, but people report surprising symptoms in parts other than their lungs. While muscular pain is common in COVID-19, other bones and muscle symptoms are also likely to occur.

The joint and muscular complications of the disease include joint disease, soft tissue abnormalities, nerve dysfunction that causes numbness and weakness, and muscle inflammation.

Viral infections are likely to bring about joint swelling, but it seems that coronavirus disease leads to joint and tissue pain if not clinical arthritis. It may make symptoms worse in individuals who are already diagnosed with arthritis.

As per a study from 2019, respiratory infections are possibly a factor that increases the chance of developing RA (rheumatoid arthritis). Anyhow, there are no reports that associate COVID-19 with RA cases.

Nevertheless, coronavirus disease is still a new condition, which means researchers are gathering data to know more regarding it. COVID-19 symptom lists perhaps should be updated.

Is It A Long COVID Symptom?

Long COVID means symptoms that are likely to last even months after one develops severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 infection. Anyhow, like coronavirus disease, it seems that, while individuals may have joint pain, the swelling is still not a prevalent long COVID symptom.

Does Coronavirus Vaccine Administration Bring About Joint Swelling?

Some individuals may have a reaction to a vaccine against coronavirus disease, but Moderna’s, Pfizer’s and Janssen’s vaccines do not seem to cause the swelling. The ACR is unconcerned about coronavirus vaccination, so it recommends the preventive move for rheumatic patients.