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Everything You Need To Know About the Joint Replacement Surgery

Joint Pain Treatment
Joint Replacement Surgery

The bones in the human body will be secured from one another with a protective layer of tissue such as cartilage so that it does not rub against each other or get scraped. When a person is affected by arthritis, this protected tissue will get damaged causing inflammation to the joints. There is a wide variety of arthritis conditions and the causes, symptoms, and treatment of different arthritis tend to differ.

Keep in mind that there is, unfortunately, no cure for some types of arthritis. However, you can always tackle your symptoms and lead a normal lifestyle. When it comes to effective joint pain treatment it usually includes joint pain medication, lifestyle changes, physical therapy, joint replacement surgery, etc.

Joint replacement surgery

In case you are suffering from arthritis and your physician recommended a joint replacement surgery or if you think that you can possibly be directed the same way in the future, you might have many questions about the treatment method. Of course, the details regarding the surgery will mainly depend on the joint that is to be replaced.

Note that two of the most frequently replaced larger body joints are knees and hips. Hence, they require more recovery time when compared to smaller joints such as elbows, shoulders, etc. Below are some of the in-depth details about the surgery. Needless to mention, referring to these points will help you to prepare better for the treatment.

What exactly is a joint replacement procedure?

During this procedure, the damaged joints of a person are replaced with its prosthetic counterparts, which are made of metals, ceramic, or plastic. Note that the replaced prosthesis will be designed in a way to retain the mobility of that particular joint letting the patient lead a normal, painless, and active lifestyle. Usually, this type of surgery is performed on the knees, shoulders, hips, ankles, and elbows.

Important factors to consider

Just like any other surgery, joint replacement surgery is also not immune to complications. However, you can tackle this issue and enjoy a manageable recovery by relying on the services of a reputable orthopedic surgeon. Nevertheless, there will be a significant amount of pain involved in the process. Still, this pain that may last for a short span of time will be much manageable and better when compared to lifetime suffering and pain.

Furthermore, while some patients will have to stay in the hospital for 2-3 days after the surgery, some people can leave the hospital the very next day. This actually depends on the joints that are replaced and the advanced surgical methods employed in a hospital.