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How To Reduce The Risk Of Cancer?

Reduce The Risk Of Cancer
Reduce The Risk Of Cancer

Your lifestyle habits and the foods you eat can contribute to your cancer risk. When it comes to cancer, many studies come up suggesting tips for cancer prevention but many might be proven wrong eventually.

In this article, we suggest some simple lifestyle changes that are scientifically proven to reduce cancer risk. For expert cancer prevention advice, diagnosis and treatment visit the best cancer Los Angeles clinics.

Stay Away From Tobacco

Tobacco products contain carcinogens like polycyclic hydrocarbons. Using any kind of tobacco products increases the risk of developing cancer.

You could be put at risk of cancer even if you are not using tobacco. This happens when you are continually exposed to secondhand tobacco smoke that contains many carcinogens.

If you are a tobacco user, quit it at the earliest and if you have never used tobacco, continue the abstinence. Quitting tobacco use is associated with many withdrawal symptoms and you might have to consult with a doctor to get advice on ways to handle your withdrawal symptoms.

Sun Protection

The rays from the sun contain UV radiation that is a major factor causing skin cancer. Although a significant portion of the sun’s UV rays is blocked at the ozone layer, some part manages to get through ozone layers that are continually thinned down due to various human activities.

Try these tips to protect yourself from the sun:

Stay in shady places while you are outdoors. Standing in the sun for long hours while you are outdoors is something that you should avoid.

Do not go out in midday sun: Avoid going out in the sun between 10 a.m and 4 p.m as the sun’s rays are the strongest in this period.

Use sunscreen: Use high-quality sunscreen for the best sun protection while you are outdoors. The SPF of the sunscreen you chose should be at least 30.

Follow A Healthy Diet

Do not assume that eating a healthy diet can alleviate the risk of cancer completely. However, doing that can reduce cancer risk.

Include whole grains, fruits and vegetables in your diet to ensure you get all the important nutrients. Some studies have suggested an association between obesity and an increased risk of certain cancers. Following a healthy diet that is low in calories can mitigate the risk of excessive weight gain. Eating processed foods in higher amounts may also increase the risk of cancer, and hence limit processed foods in your meals.

Avoiding unhealthy food choices and habits is the best measure you can take for cancer prevention.