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Possible Reasons And Remedies For Joint Pain During Winter

Muscle And Joint Pain
Muscle And Joint Pain

Joint pain is a common problem in the wintertime, particularly among old people. It tends to be arthritis-related, but there could be other reasons for muscle and joint pain in winters among age groups apart from the elderly. The issue is likely to impact your capability of doing daily tasks efficiently. Different remedies could aid you in managing the pain, according to the reason for it. Read on to know what that reason could be, how to cope with the issue, plus when you may want to visit a doctor for it.

Which Are The Likely Reasons?

With the temperature being low, you may have a muscle spasm. Your joints may also have contraction as well as tighten in this period. Therefore, a joint that is already impacted even slightly possibly would start to hurt. Insufficient vitamin D levels is a different possible reason. In the wintertime, the body is usually not subjected to much natural light, which causes poor vitamin D creation. Consequently, you are likely to have pain in the joints and tissues.

In the event of being suddenly exposed to high temperatures, the cold could directly impact your joints since it interferes with the blood circulation in the muscles around the joint. There is another possible explanation for this pain.

Winters see a temperature drop and a decline in atmospheric pressure, which impact the joints. Those phenomena may cause the following issues.

  • Inflammation of the lining membrane and cartilage;
  • Pain receptors to be more sensitive;
  • Muscle and ligament tightness;
  • Limited joint movement because of inactivity; and,
  • Hindered nourishing fluid circulation in the affected joint.

All of the above may make issues like joint pain, stiffness, and limited mobility more likely to happen, particularly after a time of rest.

What Are Its Possible Home Remedies?

Warm things can aid in not just dilating your blood vessels but also easing the pain. Consuming a hot product, having a shower in mildly hot water, or utilizing a heating pad might aid in dealing with the issue. Light exercising can also create heat in your body as well as keep joints in a good condition.

When You Should See A Medical Professional

It is vital to seek medical assistance when the pain becomes worse. It can happen due to many other reasons, so you should no longer turn to those joint pain remedies. Joint redness, raised temperature/ fever, considerable limp when walking, limited range of motion are all possible reasons to seek the professional’s assistance.