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Trigger Finger: When Your Fingers Can’t Move

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Do you often find your thumb or the other fingers to be stuck in a bent position? Does this happen often in the middle of your day? If that is the case, then you may have what is called a trigger finger. Trigger finger is a situation that occurs as a result of strain, hand injury or arthritis.

How Do You End Up Getting Trigger Finger?

The motion of your fingers is controlled by tendons that are connected to the bone. Each of these tendons has a sheath or a delicate membrane that is called the synovial membrane. When the synovial membrane becomes inflamed, the tendons will have trouble moving. The tendon gets stuck, and the result is your fingers lock in pain. It can be further discomforting because of the subsequent finger joint pain.

However, every finger on your hand is not affected – only the ring and thumb finger, in most cases. To get the fingers moving again, you will have to pull on the bent finger, to straighten it out, as the tendon snaps into motion.

What Are The Other Conditions That Are Linked To A Trigger Finger?

On the top of the list, would have to be arthritis. The inflammation in the joints due to arthritis can lead to joint pain. The joints are not limited to that of just the arms or legs, but extend to the fingers, as well. The tissues of the fingers and hands are linked, and the inflammation in one area can have a domino effect, leading to a trigger finger.

Gout, which is an inflammatory form of arthritis, also causes trigger fingers. The microscopic uric acid crystals cause inflammation and irritate the surrounding tissue, which can further move towards causing inflammation of the finger and thumb tendons.

Psoriatic arthritis is symptomized by inflammation of the tendons and ligaments that are attached to bone tissue. Inflammation to the tendons and ligaments due to Psoriatic arthritis can in turn cause the finger to lock.

Getting Help For Trigger Finger

If you find that your fingers are locking often and are worsened by inflammation, then it would be best for you to consult your primary health care provider or an orthopaedist, who specializes in hands. If it wasn’t a hand injury and you feel that it is the result of an undiagnosed arthritic condition, then it is best that you talk about it to your doctor. After all, this is a condition that requires medical attention and the aid of a qualified specialist.