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Habits That Can Increase the Risk of Joint Pain

Chronic Joint Pain
Chronic Joint Pain

Wait a minute before you blame your fate while suffering from terrible joint pain. May be you yourself invited the danger. Many of our habits and lifestyle practices can increase the risk of joint pain. The earlier you break these habits, the better it is. Below shared are some things that you can do to break unhealthy habits causing joint pain.

Take a Break from Repetitive Activities

Activities like typing, texting on your phone make you repeat the motion over and over. This gives strain to our joints. It is best to take a break from these activities for a few minutes. If your joints are already weak, try avoiding the activity.

Don’t Be Still For a Long Time

Avoid remaining in the same position for a long time. Longer duration of inactivity decreases the blood flow to our joints and cartilage. This will give strain to your joints and cartilage. Whatever it is that you do, be it reading, writing, or working on your computer, make sure you stretch every 15 minutes.

Don’t Load Your Bag Too Much

Carrying heavy luggage on your back can affect your posture and cause pain in your neck joints and shoulder.

Make Sure You Take Strength Training

Regular strength training like lifting weight or exercises that use your body weight is necessary to ensure the health of your joints.

Don’t Forget To Pay Attention to Your Hurting Joints

Do not ignore the symptoms like stiffness and swelling of joints. Make sure you consult a doctor.

Never Overdo Your Exercise

Make sure you don’t do overtraining. Let the growth be slow.

Ensure Adequate Supply of Vitamin D and Calcium in Your Diet

When your diet lacks calcium and vitamin D, it is not going to help your joints. The health of bones and joints depend on the supply of calcium and vitamin D. never forget to include vitamin D and calcium in your diet

Get the Sleep That Your Body Wants

Lack of sleep can affect almost all of the body functions. Get good sleep everyday and if you have sleep issues consult a doctor.

Do Not Put On Too Much Weight

Increased weight adds pressure to your joints. This can cause pain in the joints and cartilage tears.

Quit Smoking at the Earliest

Nicotine can constrict the blood vessels that supply blood to your joints. People who are into smoking are at a higher risk of developing joint problems. This can occur even in your 30s. So quitting smoking at the earliest is the right thing to do.

When you break these habits, you can save yourself from the risk of chronic joint pain.