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Joint pain is a problem suffered by a majority of people. It can be a result of some stress or strain on your joints or because of some diseases like arthritis. They can be temporary or might persist for a longer period. Whatever the reasons are, we suggest some natural remedies for getting relief from your joint pain. Some of them will help you to cure the pain at your home itself.

Lose Weight

If you are often experiencing pain on your joints like knee, feet or hip then reducing your weight can be helpful in joint pain relief. Your overweight can cause a large amount of stress on these joints thereby resulting in pain. Reducing weight will decrease your pain, increase mobility and prevent damaging of your joints in the future.

Exercise More

Exercises are not only for reducing weight, but they can also help you to keep your joints flexible. If you are already suffering from joint damage, it is better to avoid weight-bearing exercises like walking or running, as they can result in further damaging your joints. You can try some low-impact exercises instead, like swimming or water aerobics, etc. to flex your joints without stressing them much.

Use Hot And Cold Therapy

Some hot and cold treatments can have a significant impact on joint pain. Warm showers or baths can be helpful to ease your joint stiffness. You can also use a moist heating pad or an electric blanket at night to keep your joints loose.

Cold treatments can help with reducing joint pain, inflammation, and swelling. Apply a bag of frozen vegetables or a gel ice pack to your joints for relieving the pain quickly.

Use Meditation For Pain Relief

With the help of some relaxation and meditation techniques, it is possible to control your joint pain. It will help you to get rid of your stress thereby reducing the pain and inflammation.


This ancient Chinese treatment method involves the insertion of needles into some particular points on your body. It is believed to reroute energies in your body and restore its balance. It is thought that joint pain can be cured by this treatment. If you choose this method, make sure to find a practitioner with license and certification in acupuncture treatment.

Get A Good Massage

Massaging can sometimes help to get rid of joint pain. Regular massaging may reduce the stiffness and pain in the joints and can also improve mobility.