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The Things To Know Regarding A Rheumatologist

Best Rheumatologists
Best Rheumatologists

A rheumatologist treats joint diseases that are alike, but they do not perform surgical operations. Some of the diseases the professional treats are rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, gout, chronic pain, and osteoarthritis, but you might be unaware of much regarding rheumatology. Keep reading to know more regarding what a rheumatologist does and at what time it is sensible to visit them.

They Treat Over Hundred Diseases

The medical professional treats various inflammatory diseases and autoimmune diseases affecting the joints, like lupus and gout to name two. Besides systemic diseases, individuals may visit them for chronic neck/back pain diagnosis, or to treat a localized muscle/joint/tendon issue like Achilles’ tendonitis or tennis elbow.

They Will Not Belong To The Surgical Center

A rheumatologist is no surgeon, but when you require joint replacement, he or she will take part before the surgery and after it.

One usually needs to have their evaluation done before operation to handle medicine and determine whether any surgical precaution should be taken due to their disease. Later, they would wish to manage your condition well, plus avoid flaring to help you perform well in rehabilitation and make your joint replacement as effective as possible.

A Scarcity Of Rheumatologists Is Impending

America has around 5,000 active rheumatologists, and around half of them work in academic environments, and the rest works independently. As per the US Health Department, this is a rheumatologist scarcity. It is expected to worsen in five years, should existing rheumatologists retire by then and not many join the profession.

When You Should Visit A Rheumatologist

You have to consider seeing the professional when you experience joint pain that:

  • Does not improve or involves more than on one joint;
  • Your loved ones with an inflammatory disorder like rheumatoid arthritis or lupus also experience;
  • Your close family member suffering from psoriasis also feels; or,
  • Comes with symptoms like fever, loss of weight, malaise, or overwhelming fatigue.

Never procrastinate seeing them just because you:

  • Feel stiffness and joint swelling, but not a lot of pain,
  • Are bothered about consuming any medicine. Some are concerned that the professional will prescribe a product that they wish to avoid. Whenever an individual is hesitant to consume it, a rheumatologist could just devise another treatment plan that patient will find more convenient.

So make sure you visit a rheumatologist at the earliest if you are in need. If you are in or around Log Angeles, just go to this link and you can know more about one of the best rheumatologists out there.