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Using Essential Oils for Joint Pain

Essential Oils for Joint Pain
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Patients with joint pains opt various categories of treatment that helps in targeting to reduce the inflammation, stiffness, and ache associated with joint pain. Many of the patients suffering from joint pains also use various essential oils to supplement their treatment plans, in addition to prescribed medications, home remedies, and physical therapy and dietary adjustments.

What Are Essential oils?

Essential oils are effective oils that are mainly derived from natural herbs, fruits and flowers, and can be effective in relieving the pain. These are not used for the stopping or slow progression of the disease. These are mainly natural treatment options that can be used along with the prescribed medicines. 

Essential oils emit a strong and soothing fragrance and have a spicy and strong sweet taste. They were widely used in the ancient Indian and Chinese medical practices to treat a variety of symptoms like stiffness and pain before today‚Äôs pharmaceutical regimens were initiated. 

How do Essential Oils Work?

Since these oils are extracted from the leaves, flowers, stems, and branches of plants, they are usually rich in minerals and nutrients. These minerals and nutrients help in soothing pain and inflammation caused in the joints. Many complex chemicals along with minerals and vitamins (vitamin A, C, E) are contained in the oils.

Using Essential Oils for Pain and Inflammation in the Joints

Essential oils are used to treat the pain and inflammation caused in the joints. It can be used in many ways from skin creams to spices in favorite recipes to flavored beverages. These oils can be to be a big impact when many of those are combined together to create a mixture. Certain oils have more pain-relieving properties making them be able to be used as pain relievers, while a lot of other oils have anti-inflammatory properties. The two types can work together in alleviating joint pain and in lowering the inflammation levels. 

Two of the essential oils that work well together are myrrh and frankincense to help treat the inflammation as well as pain in joints. Many types of research have shown that myrrh and frankincense are useful for relieving the intensity of pain and suppressing joint inflammation, when combined and used as a plain mixture. 

Essential oils of oranges and gingers are also known for reducing intense stiffness and pain in the joints as well as muscles. It is very important to speak to your doctor before adding essential oils to your treatment methods.