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Joint pain is the sort of condition that can be between mildly painful and fully debilitating in terms of severity. That applies whether yours is an odd finger cramp, swollen elbow or knee pain. Knowing when you have to schedule a meeting with the doctor is not easy, though.

As a general rule, you have to see the medic right away, when an injury is one of the reasons for your pain. Others could include the following:

  • When you are in considerable pain.
  • When you are not able to move your joint.
  • When putting on weight on your joint hurts.
  • When the joint swells unexpectedly or it is deformed.

In the case an injury is the cause of your pain, then schedule the meeting when:

  • The pain, swelling and/or stiffness lasts 3 or more days.
  • You experience many joint symptom flare-ups in a month.

Whether you need to visit the medical professional for the pain is also a matter of both your activity level and age. When a youngster who plays sports has any severe injury, which causes extreme pain or deformity, they should visit the emergency room (ER) doctor. Is your pain not clearing, or is it swelling or worsening in spite of icing your injured part and taking rest? If yes, then you must have that part examined by the professional as soon as possible.

When you are having mild pain not all that often, waiting and bringing it to the doctor’s notice at the next yearly checkup is fine. You must see the doctor for an accurate diagnosis, because there are various reasons for joint pain, including psoriatic arthritis, dislocation, lupus and tendinitis. There are several kinds of arthritis conditions, plus there are almost as many treatment methods, depending upon what one may have.

Certain forms of arthritis have to be treated right away to keep these from becoming worse or from inducing permanent damage. Other forms are sure to improve with some simple changes to your lifestyle. Do not forget to notify the doctor when there is any kind of pain, because he or she can assess the symptoms and diagnose.

In the case you are bothered about it, then you have to approach the medic. After all, being cautious is wiser than hastily doing something which you might just regret in the future.