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Joint Pain
Joint Pain

You may be relaxing after a long weekend at work, or you may be enjoying a brisk walk through the public park, which is when a gut wrenching pain shoots your knees. You stumble to catch your breath and you are stunned by the searing pain that is emanating from your knees. Joint pain can strike you just like a strike of lighting does: unexpected and at any time.

But joint pain isn’t as unexpected as most make it to be. It is a disease that can be controlled if you are properly disciplined in your diet and your lifestyle habits are under your control. We have pointed out a few things that you should definitely not do to end up worsening the joint pain scenario.

Things To Avoid And Stay Clear From

A couple of the things on this list go without saying. But there are some things that you will have to make a conscious choice to refrain from. Here goes:

  • Stay Clear From Heavy Loads And High-Impact Exercises

Your bones and muscles are in a state of weakness, where in applying undue load and pressure on it will do nothing but worsen your situation. Take care to stay away from high-impact sports like running and weightlifting as you may never know when your knees my buckle from the weight. Instead practice water aerobics and swimming. These are less strenuous and do well to strengthen your supporting muscles.

  • Inflammatory Foods

There are certain food triggers that you must not have under any circumstances. These include:

  1. Fried And Processed Foods: reducing the intake of fried and processed food do significantly to reduce the inflammation, reduce the strain on the body’s circulatory system and help boost the efficacy of the body’s immune system. Simply cut down on fried meats and prepared frozen meals. Include plenty of greens and veggies in your diet and stick to home cooked meals as much as possible.
  2. Bring Down Your AGE: We don’t mean the number of candles on your next birthday cake. We mean the advanced gycation end product (AGE). AGE is a toxin that is present in foods that are pasteurised and deep fried. The AGEs are encountered by cytokines, which are the inflammatory response that the body sends out. This may end up worsening you situation and will cause more of the inflammation to erupt. Simply cutting out on foods that are deep fried will help significantly cut down on the AGE levels in your body.