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Joint pain can be crippling at times, putting an absolute stop to our normal life. It But what many people don’t know is that joint pain can be controlled without the constant chugging down of medications with potentially lethal long term side effects. There are many activities you can adopt and perform on a day to day basis to improve the quality of life altogether!

Quit Being A Couch Potato

Exercise is paramount to strengthening the muscles that support and carry the joints! Further constant exercise helps produces endorphins that reduce pain. Do exercise that do good more than harm. This is dependent on your current fitness level. Begin by walking and doing simple stretching exercises. Try your hand at swimming which allows for a complete body workout. You may even try something less straining such as tai-chi as well.

Heat It Up

Try applying hot water bags to the joints. This will allow for further blood circulations into the sore muscles and help loosen your stiff joints.

Try Cooling It Down

Cold therapy is especially helpful to control and reduce inflammation. Applying the cold compress 10-20 minutes for several times a day allows for the slowing and numbing down of pain receptors.

Get Good Night’s Rest

Make sure you get an uninterrupted, quality sleep of around 7-8 hours. Getting proper sleep helps boosts the healing process. Keep the room dark and stay clear of electronics and blue screen atleast 1.5 hours before sleeping. Practice medication and massage the sole of your feet. The sole of your feet have pressure points that induce sleep. Try using mustard or coconut oil, and you’ll feel yourself sleep blissfully like a baby!


The ancient Chinese technique of healing allows for the opening of “chakra” channels that heal and promote the wellbeing of the body. IT is especially beneficial for knee and hip arthritis, neck pain, temporomandibular joint disorder and Sciatica related back pains.

Unwind With A Massage

Foot and body massages can be very therapeutic. It can enhance blood flow and help loosen your stiff muscles. More importantly it helps you mentally relax!

Try Turmeric

Turmeric has many anti-inflammatory properties. Take a table spoon full of pure turmeric powder and mix it with a cup of hot milk. Drink every night before you get a good night’s rest. It is suggested you take the natural route rather than taking supplements and gel instead that may have other additives such as gluten and diary!

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